• Apartment Collection
  • Add Invoice
  • Customer Details

Unit Inventory

  • icon-tickmark   Manage Owners and Tenants
  • icon-tickmark   Owner and Tenant History
  • icon-tickmark   Track Owner and Tenant History
  • icon-tickmark   Manage Possession related details and documents
Unit Inventory

Utility bill generation and payment collection

  • icon-tickmark   Configure Electricity Meter
  • icon-tickmark   Manage Blling cycle and upload meter readings
  • icon-tickmark   Mass generation and pdf distribution of bills for electricity and maintainence.
  • icon-tickmark   Auto adjustment of advance in bills
  • icon-tickmark   Payment collection and adjustment
Utility bill generation and payment collection

Asset Management

  • icon-tickmark   Maintain asset inventory
  • icon-tickmark   Track Asset Warranty and Maintenance
  • icon-tickmark   Manage scheduled and non scheduled outage
  • icon-tickmark   Asset Expense management
Asset Management

Purchase Management

  • icon-tickmark   Purchase requisition and purchase order management
  • icon-tickmark   Vendor Management
  • icon-tickmark   Vendor Invoice management
  • icon-tickmark   Vendor Payments and Cheque issue
Purchase Management


  • icon-tickmark   Auto posting of all transactions in receivable and payables
  • icon-tickmark   Auto posting of payments in accounts
  • icon-tickmark   Bank Reconciliation
  • icon-tickmark   Pass journal entries
  • icon-tickmark   Manage Chart of accounts and trial balance generation.


  • icon-tickmark   Raise service requests on behalf of apartments
  • icon-tickmark   Issue Job Cards
  • icon-tickmark   Complaint history management.
  • icon-tickmark   Close and manage SLA of complaints.