• CRM Dashboard Screen
  • Lead Info Screen
  • Customer Statement Screen

Lead Management

  • icon-tickmark   Complete Sales cycle for lead
  • icon-tickmark   Lead Tracking
  • icon-tickmark   User Role based lead visibility
  • icon-tickmark   Lead Assignment
  • icon-tickmark   Customer specific customized e-quotation
  • icon-tickmark   Customer specific rates and payment schedule approval
  • icon-tickmark   Daily activity dashboard tracker.
Create Proposal

Payment Plan Management

  • icon-tickmark  Define Milestones.
  • icon-tickmark  Define Charge types like BSP, EDC, IDC, PLC.
  • icon-tickmark  Different PLC for different apartment.
  • icon-tickmark  Create Customized Time Linked and Construction linked plans.
  • icon-tickmark  Associate Payment plan with single unit or multiple units.
Payment Plan Standard

Unit Inventory Management

  • icon-tickmark   Create Unit types and Unit data
  • icon-tickmark   Track released and unreleased inventory
  • icon-tickmark   Phased launch for unit inventory
  • icon-tickmark   Put units on hold for customers
  • icon-tickmark   Track sold vs unsold units
Unit Details

Sales Management

  • icon-tickmark   Convert Proposal to booking.
  • icon-tickmark   Booking checklists.
  • icon-tickmark   Booking creation and confirmation.
  • icon-tickmark   Booking amount collection and receipt.
  • icon-tickmark   Co-Applicant management.
  • icon-tickmark   Automatic calculation of booking amount based on payment plan.
  • icon-tickmark   Booking cancellation.
  • icon-tickmark   Payment Plan Change.
Customer Acknowledgement

Demand & Collections Management

  • icon-tickmark   Milestone Based demand note generation.
  • icon-tickmark   Demand note distribution to customers.
  • icon-tickmark   Receive payments against demands.
  • icon-tickmark   Track customer outstanding.
  • icon-tickmark   Customer advances auto adjustment.
  • icon-tickmark   Service Tax calculations.
  • icon-tickmark   Payment collection and acknowledgement with TDS adjustments.
  • icon-tickmark   Interest tracking and waivers with approvals.
Demand note details

Customer Management

  • icon-tickmark   Customer statement of account.
  • icon-tickmark   Customer 360 Degree view.
  • icon-tickmark   Customer receipts.
  • icon-tickmark   Customer outstanding based on demands & interest.
Customer statement


  • icon-tickmark   Unit status report
  • icon-tickmark   Booking summary
  • icon-tickmark   Customer wise collection report
  • icon-tickmark   Ageing summary report
  • icon-tickmark   Milestone–wise collection
  • icon-tickmark   Broker report
  • icon-tickmark   Service tax report
  • icon-tickmark   Daily cheque-wise collection
Unit status graph

Broker Management

  • icon-tickmark   Broker registration.
  • icon-tickmark   Eligibility slab definition.
  • icon-tickmark   Mapping broker payables with customer payment plan.
  • icon-tickmark   Complete configurable broker setup.
  • icon-tickmark   Broker invoice and statement management.
Add new broker company